An app is only as good as the problem it solves. But your app’s performance can be extremely critical to its success as well. A slow-loading web app can make users quit and try out an alternative in no time. Testing an app’s performance should thus be an integral part of your development process and not an afterthought.

In this article, we will talk about how you can proactively monitor and boost your app’s performance as well as fix common issues that are slowing down the performance of your app.

I’ll use the following tools for this blog.

  • Lighthouse —…

What is PWA:

A Progressive Web Application or PWA is a web application that is built to look and behave like native apps, operates offline-first, is optimized for a variety of viewports ranging from mobile, tablets to FHD desktop monitors and more. PWAs are built using front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and bring a native-like user experience to the web platform. PWAs can also be installed on devices just like native apps.

For an application to be classified as a PWA, it must tick all of these boxes:

  • PWAs must implement service workers. Service workers act as a proxy between…

With the evolving architectural design of web applications, microservices have been a successful new trend in architecting the application landscape. Along with the advancements in application architecture, transport method protocols, such as REST and gRPC are getting better in efficiency and speed. Also, containerizing microservice applications help greatly in agile development and high-speed delivery.

In this blog, I will try to showcase how simple it is to build a cloud-native application on the microservices architecture using Go.

We will break the solution into multiple steps. We will learn how to:

1) Build a microservice and set of other containerized services…

Ryan Dahl gave an interesting talk at JSConf EU in 2018 on the 10 regrets he had after creating Node.js. He spoke about the flaws that developers don’t usually think about, such as how the entire package management was an afterthought. In addition, he was also not completely comfortable with the association of npm for package management-or how he might have jumped early to async/await, ignoring some potential advantages of promises.

However, the thing that caught most people’s attention was his pet project ( Deno), which he started to answer most of these issues. …

Every day we see a huge number of web applications allowing us customizations. It involves drag & drop or metadata-driven UI interfaces to support multiple layouts while having a single backend. Feedback taking system is one of the simplest examples of such products, where on the admin side, one can manage the layout and on the consumer side, users are shown that layout to capture the data. This post focuses on building a microframework to support such use cases with the help of React and Formik.

Building big forms in React can be extremely time consuming and tedious when structural…

This blog focuses on migrating Kubernetes clusters from one cloud provider to another. We will be migrating our entire data from Google Kubernetes Engine to Azure Kubernetes Service using Velero.


  • A Kubernetes cluster > 1.10

Setup Velero with Restic Integration

Velero consists of a client installed on your local computer and a server that runs in your Kubernetes cluster, like Helm.

Installing Velero Client

You can find the latest release corresponding to your OS and system and download Velero from there:

Extract the tarball (change the version depending on yours) and move the Velero binary to /usr/local/bin

Create a Bucket for Velero on GCP

Velero needs an object storage bucket where it will…

More often than not organizations need to apply various kinds of policies on the environments where they run their applications. These policies might be required to meet compliance requirements, achieve a higher degree of security, achieve standardization across multiple environments, etc. This calls for an automated/declarative way to define and enforce these policies. Policy engines like OPA help us achieve the same.

Motivation behind Open Policy Agent (OPA)

When we run our application, it generally comprises multiple subsystems. Even in the simplest of cases, we will be having an API gateway/load balancer, 1–2 applications, and a database. Generally, all these subsystems will have different mechanisms for…

Before starting off, below listed are the reasons why API testing should be encouraged:

  • Identifies bugs before it goes to UI
  • Effective testing at a lower level over high-level broad-stack testing
  • Reduces future efforts to fix defects
  • Time-saving

Well, QA practices are becoming more automation-centric with evolving requirements, but identifying the appropriate approach is the primary and the most essential step. This implies choosing a framework or a tool to develop a test setup which should be:

  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Maintainable
  • Able to provide maximum test coverage
  • Extensible
  • Able to generate test reports
  • Easy to integrate with source control tool and…

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that allows you to create, secure, publish, test and monitor your APIs. We often come across scenarios where customers of these APIs expect a platform to learn and discover APIs that are available to them (often with examples).

The Serverless Developer Portal is one such application that is used for developer engagement by making your APIs available to your customers. Further, your customers can use the developer portal to subscribe to an API, browse API documentation, test published APIs, monitor their API usage, and submit their feedback.

This blog is a detailed…

Beginnings are often messy. Be it in any IT project, we often see that at a certain point, people look forward to revamping things. With revamping, there comes additional costs and additional time. And those will be a lot costlier if not addressed at the right time to meet the customers’ feature demands. …

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